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Blockchain-native contract automation

Lexecute transforms the management and control of all kinds of procedures and agreements into a simple, efficient, and certified digital experience.


Efficiency, user-centricity, versatility, trustability

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Powering the Lexecute ecosystem

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An acceleration of value

Lexecute is a tool designed to enable the digital transformation of legal and administrative procedures with fragmented and dispersed workflows. Each process is managed in a single digital environment, with a drastic reduction in time, operating costs, and errors.

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Designed around the user

Our focus is the user and the improvement of their experience: Lexecute services are delivered in an easy-to-learn UX, aimed at simplifying tasks and adaptable to different contexts and business needs.

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An open ecosystem

Each workflow can be configured according to the client's needs and requirements by using the atomic functionalities that Lexecute provides, as well as integrations with our third-party providers (and, if required, with the client's own services and providers).

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Full peace of mind

Designed according to the highest standards of quality, security and data protection, Lexecute (thanks to its native blockchain technology) is able to track and reconstruct with certainty all actions, data and documents involved in the most sensitive processes for our clients.


Digital Lending, Digital Onboarding, Contract Lifecycle Management

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Digital lending

Applying for a loan or credit line has never been easier

With just a few initial inputs, the system is able to automatically integrate the dossier with the information needed to assess the applicant's characteristics and give immediate feedback on whether the application can proceed.

Lexecute allows you to open a new digital sales channel in just a few weeks and unlock the full potential of your business.

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Digital onboarding

Improve your customers' user experience

Identity becomes digital and users can immediately use their credentials in online services, as if in person. Lexecute enables electronic signatures with legal value and collects all relevant documents, ensuring total transparency, traceability and, where required, regulation-compliant storage.

Make your customers' experience simple, comfortable and secure, while saving time, travel and paper.

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Contract lifecycle management

One tool to manage all aspects of your contracts

From drafting, negotiating, signing, and retrieving documentation, to the automated execution of the agreed-upon terms and the closing

Lexecute provides a digital online environment where you can manage each stage of the contract lifecycle, drastically simplifying the entire process and improving performance, transparency and security.